Welkom bij B&B Studio 3

Hi there!

We are Nigel and Iris and as of the 15th of February, we are the proud new owners of B&B Studio 3. The previous owners (Ad & Nicoline) gave us all the instructions, showed us everything regarding the B&B and we are so excited to start this journey! Let us tell you something about ourselves: 

Nigel is originally from Lelystad and Iris from Hoogwoud, The Netherlands. Nigel loves to cook, he even published his own cooking book (which can obviously be found in the B&B), he loves to go to the gym, he is a health/lifestyle/sports coach, photographer, and videographer. 

Iris loves to sing (mostly in the shower), she loves to play the piano, write songs, she has her own brow & lash salon called Estelle Brows & Lashes, and she makes photos and videos too. 

Our journey together started about a year ago when we met in a Dutch TV show called 'Ik ga op reis en neem mee'. We fell in love and spent the last year going from Lelystad to Hoogwoud and back to see each other. Now, we finally have our own place and we can't wait to share this journey with you.

We hope to see you soon!